The UK One World Linking Association
The UK One World Linking Association

UKOWLA Community - Online!

UKOWLA is changing to an online community

Taking advantage of the worlwide spread in communication technology, we are creating UKOWLA Community - a new worldwide meeting place for all involved with partnership linking where you will be able to: -

  • Share linking stories & show the benefits of linking.
  • Ask questions, discuss issues & effect change.
  • Meet like groups, individuals &  same country links.
  • Share experiences & learn from each other
  • Establish 'best practice'
  • Share Case Studies, resource, photos and videos to inspire others
  • Help newcomers to avoid pitfalls.

Please bear with us during this period of transition as we are currently unable to support normal operations, having agreed a year of 'dormancy' at the last AGM.

Sharing good practice for global partnership links


The UK One World Linking Association (UKOWLA) is a membership organisation which inspires and supports links between like minded communities on every continent, through friendship, equality and solidarity.


Our links include those associated with: - Schools and Communities, Local Authorities, Women, Faith, Health and Youth etc.

Linking Partnerships are about

  • Building worldwide friendships

  • Welcoming other cultures and ideas

  • Travelling to new places

  • Keeping an open mind on big issues

  • Listening and learning

  • Working to improve all our lives

Register to Join the new UKOWLA Community

If you would like to join the new UKOWLA Community when it comes online, please complete the Contact Form on our Contact page.

Help to Create the new UKOWLA Community

Could you help our volunteers to create the new UKOWLA Community? Do you have skills in 'Ning' development, or perhaps have linking case studies, stories, pictures, videos or resources to contribute. Please complete the Contact Form on our Contact page and let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

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